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Veolia Water is present in 69 countries.

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Water provides delegated management of water and wastewater services for municipal and industrial clients. It also designs the technological solutions and builds the facilities required for these services.

Water cycle manager

We handle every step in the water cycle including withdrawing water from nature, producing and piping drinking water. It collects, conveys and treats wastewater, in order to recycle it (irrigation, watering, groundwater recharge, etc.) or release the treated water into the environment conserving water resources upstream and protecting environments and ecosystems downstream.

To address the complex needs of our industrial clients, we offer specific technological solutions such as the supply of process water, cooling water and ultra-pure water, effluent treatment and recycling, reclamation and more.

Reliable water services operator

. In a world of demographic expansion and growing urbanization, we meet our clients' needs by fostering close local relationships that are conducive to sustainable water management.

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