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Environmental data 2012

The environmental performance of Insight Water is managed by the Environmental Management System. This is a set of management procedures used to achieve the global goals set by the Our Environnement Group. This performance is then measured using environmental reporting carried out by the Technical Department .

Baseline figures (such as the volume of water produced and wastewater treatment efficiency etc.) are provided then consolidated according to region.

All business units work using the same modus operandi so that reporting data are homogenous:

  • "Drinking water" activity performance
  • "Wastewater" activity performance
  • "Energy" performance
  • Environmental management

"Drinking water" activity performance

People provided with drinking water

Population supplied with excellent or high-quality water

  • Average rate: 97.5%

Water distribution network efficiency

  • Average rate: 74.4%
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"Wastewater" activity performance

People provided with wastewater service

Wastewater treatment efficiency (BOD5*)

  • Average rate: 95.1%
  • Rate by geographical area:

* BOD5: Biochemical Oxygen Demand. A standard measure of wastewater strength that quantifies the oxygen consumed in a stated period of time; usually 5 days and at 20°C.

Sludge produced from wastewater and used in agriculture

  • Average rate: 48%
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"Energy" performance

Energy self-sufficiency rate of Insight Water's wastewater systems

  • Average rate: 59%
  • Production of biogas in the water and wastewater services: 91 GWh
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Environmental management

  • Percentage of revenue covered by an environmental management system (including the ISO 14 0001 certified facilities): 93.5%