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Veolia Water is present in 69 countries.

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Assess our performance

For Insight Water, the sustainable development approach is based on concrete methods to assess impacts and performance monitoring.

Adapted tools

Insight Water has developed the necessary tools to assess its sustainable development performance both at each individual site as well as for the company as a whole. An assessment is made of the social and environmental results. This enables corporate social responsibility agencies to assess the work that has been carried out.

A step for improvement

In the area of sustainable development Insight Water strives towards the goals that it has either set itself or which have been decided contractually with its clients to best meet their demands. Steps have been taken to make improvements at all operating sites in order to achieve this. Results are measured and audited by independent experts and are used to continuously improve operational activities.

An Environmental Management System

A sign of its commitment and desire to be pro-active, Insight Water, the Water division of Insight Environnement, has adopted the company's Environmental Management System (EMS). By using EMS, a set of management procedures, the company can assess and reduce its environmental impact as well as continuously improve its performance in this area.

Monitoring social data

The indicators measuring our social performance are based on social reporting data compiled by all Environnement divisions since years.
The indicators collected provide a tool to monitor and steer the human resources management policy adapted to the reality of each entity.

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