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Insight Water is present in 69 countries.

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Our approach

Identify, adapt, create and roll out... Research-a priority for Insight Environnement-leads to innovative solutions being rolled out in the field.

Our task is to take up the industrial and environmental challenge and come up with solutions involving technological breakthroughs . Our approach is aimed at identifying future activities and developing appropriate new models in response to these needs.

The strength of an open network

Environmental services require an increasingly high level of professionalism and new expertise. Our teams are more then ever attuned to the needs expressed in the field. To improve its activity intelligence and its forward vision, Research & Innovation constantly interacts with a network of university and industry partners. The skills they contribute extend the scope of expertise underpinning our activities.

The international research centers act as relay outposts of Insight Research & Innovation to develop this network of excellence . Each center specializes in a specific field reflecting local expertise, thereby enriching the network of excellence and guaranteeing that Insight Environnement's researchers always work with partners who are in the forefront of their relevant field.

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Sophisticated resources and tools

Insight Environnement Research & Innovation is an operational structure able to meet the highest ambitions, such as the practical applications of applied environmental sciences. Its assets include a steadily rising budget, renowned researchers and experts, a solid organization, and prestigious partners. Our research teams have access to the most sophisticated tools and methods for modelization, digital simulation, logistics and operational research.

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A results-based culture

The technology developed by Research & Innovation is systematically tested, as reliability is one of the absolute prerequisites. To achieve this, we rely on a rigorous method, starting from the identification of the future need to the measurement of results with a view to ongoing improvement, and including the following stages: Research & Innovation program launch, laboratory or field trials, creation of process development pilots, on-site construction of a pre-industrial unit and, lastly, operation. For all Research & Innovation projects, the final stage automatically involves validation in the field by operational specialists.

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