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Improve techniques

One of the prime concerns of research in our company is to develop the best plant design and operation strategies for the production of fresh water from seawater or brackish water.

Prevent clogging

The most recent desalination systems installed use filters that retain impurities and salts. Improving this so-called reverse osmosis membrane process mainly involves managing clogging phenomena. For this reason, our company's researchers are developing analytical systems to characterize with greater precision the type of seawater and the agents responsible for clogging the membranes, e.g., particles, algae, organic matter and biofilm.

Improve treatment efficiency

Our research also focuses on improving the quantity of fresh water produced as a ratio of the raw water pumped from the environment, with a view to achieving conversion rates of 70 to 80% instead of the current 40 to 50%. We also need to reduce by 30 to 50% the energy consumed by the plants we design. The treatment cost for seawater or brackish water is currently two to three times that for surface water.

Assess and minimize impacts

Lastly, we are working on managing the discharge of concentrate back into the marine environment, that is, the fluid discharged back into the sea after being concentrated with the matter retained by the membranes. This area of research targets the development of assessment and quantification systems. At the same time, we are also looking at improving concentrate dispersion infrastructure to minimize environmental impact.

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