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Insight Water is present in 69 countries.

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Foreseeing risks

Always with prevention in mind, our research work aims to assess and improve Insight Environnement's environmental and health performance.

Anticipate problems

Industrial development is often necessary to improving our well-being, but it also generates pollution that can affect ecosystems and human health. It is therefore essential to take into account environmental and health issues as early as possible in the development of processes to ensure they are sustainable.

Quantify impacts

Our company is intent on improving how it assesses and predicts the impact of its activities. It focuses on the future to prevent the risk of emerging pollution in the processes applied by its various business activities that might affect its employees, users of its services and its plants' neighbors. It also seeks to quantify the environmental and health benefits provided through its activities. The goal in this case is to assess, in accordance with new standards, the value of the services we provide, over and above the traditional criteria used to evaluate economic performance.

A wide field of research topics

Our research is largely based on epidemiological studies, exposure to pollutants and assessment of their impact. It also encompasses the development of sampling techniques, analytical methods and modelization tools. Lastly, it is also based on the identification of financial assessment techniques to evaluate the negative and positive impacts of our company's activities on the environment.

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