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Improve treatment efficiency

The study of high-performance drinking water systems aims to improve the quality of water and decrease the environmental impact of its treatment.

Decrease organic matter content

One way of improving water quality is to reduce the organic matter content collected from the environment. Our aim is to work towards a threshold of 1 mg/liter of total organic carbon (TOC). At the same time, we also aim keep the biodegradable organic fraction of the TOC below 0.01 mg/liter, as compliance with this threshold guarantees water maintains its quality throughout the distribution network.

Improve organoleptic characteristics

Our Water Research Center is developing tools and concepts to identify the factors leading to the formation and development of tastes and odors. Our work then focuses on improving the taste and odor characteristics of tap water by combining specific treatment methods to eliminate bad tastes and odors, or the underlying cause of their appearance.

Reduce the concentration of disinfection by products

Water chlorination produces disinfection by-products. The trend today is to drop the regulatory thresholds for their concentration in water, a trend that is driving our company's research, for example, lowering the water's organic matter content helps reduce chlorination rates. Preempting future developments, we are also working on the implementation of solutions to prevent health risks associated with emerging pollutants present at infinitesimal concentrations in water, such as endocrine disruptors and new viruses.

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