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Our programs

The research and innovation aspects of our programs in the areas of drinking water, wastewater and environmental performance and health focus on improving existing solutions and innovating through the development of the technology of the future.

Supply drinking water

How can water that is safe and pleasant to drink be produced from dwindling or degraded resources? Four significant projects are aimed at sourcing sustainably drinking water.

  • Water resource management (resource protection, water cycle management).
  • High performance treatment (processing emergent pollutants, membrane systems, emissions and environmental impact management).
  • Desalination (energy efficiency, environmental impact, waste recycling).
  • System materials and waterworks heritage (maintenance, renewal, leakage, new materials).


Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment is on the eve of profound change, in the interests of protecting people and natural environments while offering widespread access to sanitation.
An essential component of water resource management, treatment should be a key element in the drive for added value and energy efficiency.

  • The program includes two major projects:
    Improve current wastewater systems and processes,
  • Manage industrial effluent.

Environmental and Health Standards

A three-fold program designed to forecast and assess, and therefore control more efficiently, the environmental and health impacts of our facilities and operations. The first line of research aims to identify and prevent situations where potentially dangerous contaminants could emanate from our facilities, putting at risk our personnel, customers or local residents.

A second line addresses the development of test methods to ensure appropriate limits are applied according to health or other regulations.

Thirdly, research is conducted into how in future, as per new codes and performance indicators, environmental and health benefits stemming from our operations may be quantified and an added value defined.

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