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Sound network management

The management of drinking water networks—a health and environmental issue that is crucial for local communities—is also a technical challenge for their managers.

Meet expectations

To improve the service provided to users, drinking water network managers must not only guarantee the water's quality and ensure continuous supply, but also reduce water losses and conserve the urban environment while also reducing costs. Operators are confronted with issues surrounding network aging and their technical complexity: diversity of materials, inaccessible underground pipes, etc.

Evaluate and maintain

To enable drinking water network managers better plan for the rehabilitation or replacement of their network while not losing sight of the quality and cost of the service provided, our company is working on characterizing drinking water network aging with greater precision. Research in this area aims to improve our knowledge of the behavior of drinking water networks in their environment (water and soil). It also addresses the development of laboratory methods for the analysis of underground pipes and their component materials, field diagnostic systems and, lastly, digital modeling to assess a network's remaining life span.