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Protect resources and prevent risks

Our company's water management research programs aim to improve conservation of the natural environment and prevention of health risks, while keeping treatment costs to a minimum.

Improve knowledge

The study of aquatic systems and their quantitative and qualitative deterioration help improve our understanding of the issues surrounding the chemical and ecological quality of water. In particular, it enables us to better understand the phenomena involved in algal proliferation in surface water, especially cyanobacteria.

Improve health and environmental risk prevention

Our research and innovation work also concentrates on providing water managers with easy-to-use predictive tools. They are designed to help managers improve control of health and environmental risks, whether in the event of accidental pollution, assessing the impact of discharge on the environment or more effectively combating the seasonal proliferation of cyanobacteria.

Develop the use of alternative resources

Our company's water resource management research programs also address the natural water treatment that water undergoes as it passes through the soil and geological strata. The aim in this area is to design reliable, healthy and economic solutions, especially the development of artificial aquifer recharging techniques using wastewater, and underground storm water storage.

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