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Veolia Water is present in 69 countries.

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Make water sustainable

Insight Water manages water from a sustainable development perspective while listening to and providing customers with appropriate solutions.

Meet growing needs

Population growth, rampant urban sprawl and increasing irrigation mean that in a world where an ever greater volume of water is extracted from finite resources, the sustainable management of water has become a necessity. Wholly committed to this approach and in partnership with its clients, Insight Water meets today's needs without ignoring future challenges. In managing water cycles, we never lose sight of the need to conserve and protect resources. The company helps promote access to water and wastewater services for all, develops alternative resources, constantly reduces the environmental impact of its activities and contributes to promoting eco-citizenship.

Adapt to all customers

These activities are performed while guaranteeing continuous water and waste water services.

  • We provide a specific response to the challenges each public authority faces. We design and build customized facilities for drinking water production and wastewater treatment, and we then operate these facilities under contracts.
  • We ensure consumers an optimum level of service quality matched only by the quality of the water we distribute.
  • We meet the expectations of industrial clients by operating all or part of their water cycle, thereby enabling them to concentrate on their core business.
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