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Veolia Water is present in 69 countries.

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Species are disappearing at 100 to 1,000 times the natural rate found in the fossil record. Making biodiversity protection an integral part of water and wastewater services can help prevent this loss.

Protecting water to preserve biodiversity

Insight Water incorporates the local ecosystem into its operations everywhere it operates.

To this end, it uses a biodiversity assessment, which provides a detailed picture of the scale of challenges on a local level and helps site managers to draw up a tailored action plan.

A wide range of initiatives

Insight Water initiatives encourage the sustainable management of green spaces and the application of best practices:

  • reducing the frequency of lawn upkeep by delaying cutting;
  • replanting native species;
  • preventing growth of invasive species;
  • and creating wildlife reserves.

Where possible, artificial wetlands may also be introduced.

Raising awareness and educating people

At the same time, Insight Water pursues initiatives to raise awareness among local authorities and individuals to prevent the use of plant-care products.

Providing information for the general public and organizing educational initiatives for schools are also key factors in helping to raise awareness and acceptance of changes in management methods that are not always clear or well received.

Protecting aquatic environments

We also conduct bio-monitoring programs on numerous waterways to measure the impact of treated wastewater discharged into the aquatic environment and to adapt the treatment processes used where necessary.

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