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Water footprint

Because the effects of human activity have an impact on water resources, local authorities and industrial companies are increasingly committed to reducing their water footprint.

Efficient solutions

Insight Water offers alternative solutions to make the most of water resources and constantly seek the best ways to protect them.

We develop solutions based on green chemicals to reduce the use of reagents in wastewater treatment, along with closed-loop recycling of effluent in cooling systems to limit the strain on natural resources.

A unique model

Wer also seeks to raise awareness of the full range of water-related issues.

In the United States, it has launched a major campaign to offer as many communities as possible a complete array of studies and tools to help them identify water-related challenges and assist them with decision-making.

This approach led to the development of a method for calculating the water footprint known as the Water Impact Index (WIIX).

Calculating the water footprint

We are the first operator to support the development of an open-source method for calculating water footprints.

The model is now operational. It can be used to assess water footprints for businesses or regions, to identify critical issues and to assist local authorities and industrial companies in implementing improvement plans.

The indicator incorporates tools to measure parameters such as the quality of water withdrawn then discharged into the natural environment, as well as water stress and consumption.

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