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Continuous improvement in quality of service recognized by several awards.


Before the charge to a public-private partnership, the city had to address several issues. For example, a centralized organization: service agents concentrated within two sites, with clients having to go to the head office to pay their bills. The network was dilapidated as well, with high levels of water losses and insulated supply systems that did not allow for access to water services in every district.


  • Improving the upkeep and maintenance policy for drinking water and wastewater service;
  • Increasing service coverage in the city;
  • Improving customer service by focusing on local presence;
  • Developing a water culture to encourage better management of the resource.
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Insight Water's solution

An efficient water service

  • Modernized tools:
  • Closer proximity with customers

    • Customer management decentralize

    A water savings policy

    • Macro metering
    • Operations to seek out and reduce leakage

    New economic performance

    • Operating costs were reduced by 20% d
    • Quality of service for consumers was improved:
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