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Membrane desalination, a cost-effective and competitive solution.



The region where there is severe water shortage. As a result of climate change and overexploitation of resources, groundwater levels being so low. To meet the growing need for water, the use of seawater: desalination offers an abundant alternative resource.


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Insight Water's solution

One of the world's lowest production costs for membrane desalination of seawater

The cost of producing water by desalination is the same as that of withdrawing water from aquifers, and half the cost of importing water for irrigation

Very good water quality

The salt concentration in the water produced will be 30 mg/L compared with 35,000 mg/L in the seawater that feeds the plant (the standard for water for human consumption is 400 mg/L).

Technological expertise

The feed seawater is supplied by three pipelines installed on the sea bed.

  • Following an initial pretreatment stage (dual-layer filtration), the seawater is gradually desalinated through 32 reverse osmosis trains, each with a capacity of 10,000 cubic meters per day (total of 30,000 membrane modules). In addition to reducing total salinity, reverse osmosis removes bacteria, viruses and boron.
  • Seawater desalination has become a cost-competitive method of producing water thanks to economies of scale, the continuous fall in the price of membranes (halved in 10 years), the energy efficiency of plants using the process designed by Insight Solutions & Technologies, and control of operating costs.
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