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Insight Water is present in 69 countries.

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Long-term management of the global water cycle.


  • Developing a process for recharging aquifers that is both modern and effective (e.g. by recycling wastewater).
  • Implementing sustainable management for underground water reserves.
  • Guaranteeing water quality within the existing cycle.
  • Understanding the process for eliminating impurities, how chemical reactions take place and their consequenses on resources.
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Insight Water's solution

Modernizing installations

With a decisive contribution from Insight Water, has modernized treatment installations, improved the quality of the wastewater retreated and implemented rigorous water quality management in order to meet the strict standards

Developing aquifer recharge

The aquifer is recharged both naturally (30%) and artificially (15%) as well as through filtration along lake and river banks (55%). After recycling,wastewater is released into two lakes, where filtration takes place along the banks to recharge the aquifer.

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