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Water Distribution

Insight Water has developed an integrated risk management system that covers everything from water in the natural environment to the customer's faucet, to ensure optimal water distribution.

Combating network leaks

The main way to improve network efficiency, a major source of resource conservation, is to reduce leaks. In many of the world's cities, more than 20% of the water produced is lost in the distribution network.

Insight Water can rehabilitate such leaky networks and proposes various techniques through our subsidiary Sade.

  • Leak detection, including acoustic correlation searches in the field, isolation of network sections, flow rate and pressure measurements at various times of the day and night and abnormal flow rate detection.
  • Leak repair, including the replacement of pipes and rehabilitation through pipe lining or casing.
  • Installation of safety systems to protect the most vulnerable pipe networks.
  • Use of network management tools such as modeling, geographical information systems, etc.

Managing water usage

Insight Water is constantly innovating to give clients tools to precisely track their water use. Among other measures, we promote home leak prevention, usage monitoring and management through the dispatch of "Usage alert text messages" and saving water by gradually replacing dated equipment and installing individual meters for everyone.

In the last 20 years, we have acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in individual meters. Always seeking ways to deliver more efficient services, we are making progress in smart metering and now offer remote meter reading. This technology alerts retail customers immediately in the event of a leak and enables them to track their water use on the Web.

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