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Management of Drinking Water Services

Insight Water manages and operates facilities under contracts with public authorities. We constantly devise solutions to help our clients deal with the requirements of water services.

Optimizing performance

Insight Water maintains the quality of the facilities we manage and operate under contract. We upgrade facilities and infrastructure and develop the best treatment methods for reducing water turbidity, managing microbiological quality and even optimizing disinfection. We are also implementing risk management programs.

Managing storage tanks

Tanks enable us to supply water to drinking water distribution networks continuously while maintaining water quality. Managing them requires strict design and construction, based on preliminary modeling studies and efficient maintenance methods.

Managing distribution networks

Sustainable network management requires maintaining water quality while tackling the problem of waste. We are constantly building up our knowledge and expertise in leak detection and reduction and the management of network infrastructure.

Insight Water does a number of things to promote water quality:

  • Adjust the quality of the water produced at drinking water plants and, if applicable, manage water blends to prevent problems with corrosion, deposit formation, etc.
  • Design networks based on their size and operation and select the best materials for maintaining water quality.
  • Optimize water flow in networks, avoiding stagnation and water supply disruptions.
  • Adjust maintenance and rehabilitation programs.
  • Prevent and combat pollution incidents.
  • Secure networks using backflow protection devices.
  • Deploy a water quality monitoring program appropriate to the network's size, the characteristics of the different areas, etc.
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