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Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Insight Water supports growing urbanization by integrating wastewater services into the water cycle of each city.

Expanding cities

More than half of the world's population now lives in urban areas and the growth of mega-cities is accelerating, especially in emerging economies. That being the case, the issue of wastewater is critically important. Uncollected, untreated wastewater jeopardizes public health and degrades the environment. On the other hand, when thoroughly and properly treated, it can be recycled for various uses as an alternative resource.

Appropriate solutions

Insight Water manages facilities able to treat increasingly complex effluents in accordance with ever more stringent discharge standards.

We design, build and operate the wastewater treatment networks and systems of major cities and build and maintain their pipe networks.

In rural areas where the service territory is too small or hard to reach, we offer small wastewater installations as an alternative to bigger installations.

A comprehensive approach

To manage wastewater collection and treatment systems efficiently, we have devised a comprehensive approach to assist public authorities, tailored to their size and technical and regulatory challenges. The success of wastewater projects is ensured through clearly defined steps, including needs assessment, a local strategy, a quality guarantee, service performance measurements and communicating to residents about the impact of the service.

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