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Wastewater Sludge Recycling

Insight Water helps public authorities choose the most appropriate wastewater sludge treatment and recycling channel, taking into account environmental impacts.

Waste that has to be managed

Urban growth and the proliferation of wastewater treatment plants have sharply increased the production of municipal sludge.

Three recycling processes

Public authorities have three solutions to choose from when recycling wastewater sludge:

  • Agricultural recycling. This yields plant nutrients, lime and carbon inputs that can be used to make humus or a concentrate of fertilizers supplemented as needed with commercial fertilizers.
  • Landfilling. The sludge is mixed with municipal waste in landfills, where its anaerobic decomposition produces landfill gas recoverable as energy (heat and/or power).
  • Incineration or co-incineration. Incineration, or gas-phase thermal oxidation, destroys organic matter, leaving a tiny amount of mineral byproducts. Sludge and municipal waste co-incineration and wet air oxidation—a process used to recover mineral materials most often recycled in public works construction, in road sublayers, backfill, pre-cast concrete, etc.
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Proven experience

Involving a wide range of technological solutions, Insight Water's services:

  • Reduce the amount of sludge produced.
  • Guarantee a high level of health security.
  • Recycle sludge.
  • Decrease odors.

To achieve the above objectives, we draw on years of experience operating and upgrading all kinds of treatment plants and leverage the talents of the employees of Insight Water Solutions and Technologies, a Insight Water and Insight Environmental Services subsidiary specializing in sludge management.

Treating odors

Municipal wastewater consists primarily of nitrogen compounds, especially ammonia and amines and sulfur compounds (hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans) that can create unpleasant odors. To eliminate them, Insight Water is developing odor control technologies such as oxidation and electronic measurement systems and an "electronic nose"; and implementing physical-chemical and biological techniques such as anaerobic sludge digestion, which minimizes odors.

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